Why artificial grass?

Everybody loves the look and feel that grass provides, but maintaining a lawn can often develop into a time-consuming and continual project.

This is where artificial grass comes in.

Over the past few years, the demand for synthetic lawns has increased dramatically as people have started to appreciate the benefit of having a visually pleasing garden area to enjoy that is both low-cost and low-maintenance.

Artificial turf is versatile enough to be laid on almost any surface: from traditional lawns, to roof terraces, to balconies. It can be laid over soil, turf, concrete, tarmac and paving; and is fully porous, so drains just like real grass. Unlike its organic counterpart, our grass requires no cutting, watering or feeding, and will remain beautiful all year round – whatever the weather – for up to 20 years.

All our artificial lawns are vibrant, soft and 100% pet friendly, so are ideal for animals and children to play on; leaving you free from the fear that they will transport a muddy nature reserve into your home afterwards.

If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, then we have the perfect grass for you.

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